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Reaching Local and Global Customers through Geographically domain name advertising solutions. Our exclusive advertising solutions are a cost-effective alternative over traditional media and current web marketing campaigns.
Greenwich Village history starts very far back in American history. The Village...
New Rochelle is known as Home Town because it’s got so many residential...
Fort Lee, NJ is considered the gateway to New York City, but it’s a wonderful...

Our Approach

Geo targeted domain names offer a focused approach at creating a local presence with a global reach. At City Partners, our community platform is dedicated to providing comprehensive and trusted local coverage for individual neighborhoods and communities.
Natural Brands Because our visitors know the name of our "City.com", a major source of our traffic is from direct visitors. With this direct “type-in” traffic (to "City.com"), our brands deliver qualified traffic without having to be over dependent on the Search Engines.
Business Directory Much like a search engine, but specific to "City.com", CityPartners.com includes a comprehensive City Directory for local businesses that is easy to navigate and provides detailed listings that both locals and travelers are looking for.
SEO Search Engine traffic is still critical and natural URL’s with relevant content rank high for users searching for specific terms. When users do see links that include the natural “City.com” address, they are more likely to click and visit that site. And once they get there, they are more likely to trust the information they see from the “City.com” site.