CityPartners operates the largest Network of Geo-Targeted websites on the East Coast. CityPartners targets local communities and local businesses helping them focus on managing their local online presence, advertising and marketing across their entire network of geographical sites, thus creating local partnerships.


We use a local focused approach at creating local presence with a local reach. Our community platform offers comprehensive advertising packages for our city partners. Either you're a local lawyer or a local restaurant we promote our partners across our entire network, which provides thousands of visitors monthly.


CityPartners provides off-site and on-site marketing solutions. Off-Site marketing includes press releases, Social Media, site references and online directories. Their on-site marketing provides High-Quality original content, Keyword Density, Premium domain name and Outbound Links for their partners.

Natural Brands

Because CityPartners only utilizes Dot Com domain names for branding their partners, a major source of their traffic is from direct navigation. With this direct “type-in” traffic to the Natural Brands, their partners benefit from qualified traffic without having to be over dependent on the Search Engines.

Local Targeted Traffic

CityPartners are experts at driving Local Targeted Traffic to their Local Partners. CityPartners understands the importance of proper Search Engine Optimization and relevant content to make sure that local businesses are being provided local targeted traffic to their partner sites.

Local Partnerships

CityPartners has the experience of Creating Local Partnerships with local businesses for both on-site and off-site. Their large portfolio of premium targeted geographical domain names allows CityPartners to be the dominant company to offer partnerships to local merchants and businesses alike.

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